Wednesday, December 22, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: UP EVIL TOUR 93 (Black Long Sleeve)

Here we have another variation of the 1993 UP EVIL TOUR "Gargoyle" shirt. This is the long sleeve version that was sold at the shows during the North American Tour that followed Front 242's stint on Lollapalooza '93.

It is a beautiful shirt with excellent detailed screened work with the very striking "242 Gargoyle" in orange, yellow and red hues. (Some mistakenly think of this as a devil or demon, but it is in fact a gargoyle and was used extensively throughout the design process of the album and tour, including the giant backdrop that was seen on stage.)

This shirt is long sleeved and has gold "242 swirls" on the sides of each arm. The Tour dates are listed on back. And the 242 logo stands out in nice gold tones as well.

This particular shirt was purchased at the St. Louis show and is in excellent shape and occasionally still worn today!


UP EVIL TOUR 93 Detail

UP EVIL TOUR 93 Sleeve Detail "Swirls"

UP EVIL TOUR 93 Reverse

UP EVIL TOUR 93 Reverse Detail

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