Monday, December 13, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Punish Your Machine (Original)

Here is another one of those iconic Front 242 T-Shirts...another original purchased in the early days of Transmission 242.
This shirt was released and for sale during and following the Tyranny Tour. It sports the screened "Tyranny" symbols on the front, with a play on the "For You". It is a nice light-weight heather gray and the use of yellow also made it "pop." (Although time has faded this one!)
The reverse also sports a favorite Front slogan/theme: "Punish Your Machine"

This was often a favorite of mine to exercise/run...a literal "Work 242"

This shirt is offered today on Transmission 242, although it does tend to sell out quite often. Fortunately its popularity has kept it in print!

Punish Your Machine T-Shirt (Front)

Punish Your Machine (Front Detail)

Punish Your Machine -Shirt (Reverse)

Punish Your Machine T-Shirt (Reverse Detail)

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