Thursday, December 16, 2010

Record of the Week: Epic 242 Catalogue Promo CD

With Front 242 signing to a "major label" in 1991, along with a wider exposure audience came a bevy of promotional CDs and material.
Here we have an important and collectible piece, the Back Catalogue Promo CD.
Issued with the catalogue number ESK 4488, this CD features 16 tracks from the Front 242 Back Catalogue as re-issued by Epic/Sony.
With the re-issue of Front's previous albums came new artwork and some unreleased material. This CD is essentially a "Best Of" sampler for the most part. It features 2 tracks from each of Front's albums up to "Tyranny >For You<" and 4 tracks from the EP "Mixed By Fear"

The artwork here is another case of 'less is more.' The bright and colorful spheres play nicely against the black and white background and 242 logo. The CD is simple as well, but overall presents itself as a nice package and introduction to Front 242.

The inside liner notes are also very complimentary and hopefully can be read from the scan.

Although at one time this was something of a Front 242 rarity, it seems much more common today and can usually be found for $10-$25

Track List:

  1. "Operating Tracks"
  2. "U-Men"
  3. "No Shuffle"
  4. "Body To Body"
  5. "Quite Unusual"
  6. "Masterhit Part I & II"
  7. "Headhunter V3.0"
  8. "Welcome To Paradise"
  9. "Funkhadafi"
  10. "Don't Crash"
  11. "Soul Manager"
  12. "Tragedy >For You<"
  13. "DSM 01"
  14. "DSM 02"
  15. "DSM 03"
  16. "DSM 04"
Front Picture Sleeve

Back Picture Sleeve

Insert Liner Notes

Jewel Case Insert

Epic 242 Catalogue Promo CD

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