Wednesday, September 15, 2010

12 Days of A Selective Retaliation: V1.11

We return again to the video sessions of "Quite Unusual" for the penultimate print V1.11 in "A Selective Retaliation." If you have not seen the video, here is a link:

Watching it now, it all seems a bit dated. Despite their more serious demeanor and approach to music, when it came to videos, Front 242 often did not take themselves too seriously. (Egghunter!)
 In reading interviews regarding this video, they were not exactly pleased by the final result. In an interview from "Alternative Press" November 1988 (Someday I will eventually post a Press/Interview section!):

"The video tries to display a story of three men on the run from a midget in a toy-sized helicopter before finally evading him and jumping onto a real helicopter and escaping at the end. Richard describes how the band wasn't really happy with that entire idea. 'The video was directed by this Belgian guy who we knew that was working on a rock show for Belgian t.v. Belgian t.v. produced the entire show. We hate all the part with the midget, we aren't happy with the way it was filmed and all that. What we wanted for the video, we didn't want any stories right, just atmospheres. We told the director that and he agreed with us but then he said that if the Belgian t.v. is going to pay for it, that he had to give them a story board cause otherwise they would say no. They weren't going to give us thousands of francs to do something they didn't like. He told us it would have to look like a regular video on the story board but that after we got the money, we could do whatever we want. But when we look at the final product, the story board is still there now. We didn't agree about the bit with the midget and all that." -Richard, from Alternative Press, Vol.3 No. 13, November 1988

Midgets and toy helicopters aside, these images are much more atmospheric. We return to the guys on the run, this time the print images are more manipulated and pixeled...


V1.11 Detail

V1.11 Detail


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