Tuesday, September 7, 2010

12 Days of A Selective Retaliation: V1.3

Despite being a "Front"man for 242, Jean-Luc DeMeyer has always seemed "the quiet one." The few times I have met and interacted with him personally, he has always been very nice and personable, but also a little shy.

However, when he sings it seems to be a different story! To many, Jean-Luc IS 242. It is hard to mistake his voice as it is so evocative and representative of the entire Electronic Body Music sound. When he appears as a guest-vocalist, for example on BiGod 20's "The Bog" or on the C-Tec track "Let Your Body Die" it is unmistakable, and these tracks could just as well have been  Front 242 tracks. That is not in any way to take away from the other 3 members. For me, it takes all 4 to be the complete Front 242...one can argue the pros and cons or the merits of the J-L and Richard 23-less "OFF" or "Angels Vs. Animals" all day!

Print V1.3 features the still image of Jean-Luc DeMeyer...

Print V1.3

V1.3 Detail (rotated)

V1.3 Detail

V1.3 Detail

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  1. Target, thanks for sharing this graphic images from that 242 era.
    This type of graphics were the better we could retrieve from computer hardware and software in the years of 1986-1987. I remember how much I liked Official Version covers and it helped me to decide to work with technology, programming and computers.
    In that time, all the people who worked with computers were innovators. "Stand by the innovators" was a famous 242 phrase. I wanted to be an innovator too.
    I'm curious about the remaining images that you'll post here ! BTW, I'm listening to Official Version now ! :-)