Saturday, September 4, 2010

12 Days of A Selective Retaliation: V1.2

If I am not mistaken, print V1.2 features an image of Patrick C. from the Quite Unusual video/still. Additional images from that video will be seen later.

One of the more unique and mysterious aspects of Front 242 were that there were 4 members, and yet only three were often depicted or seen in the "foreFront." In the early introductory video, Member Zero,  the mysterious Daniel B., was only a blur and only a tiny glimpse of him was seen in a still from No Comment. It would be much much later before Daniel B. would come out from behind the mixing desk and be seen prominently in the "Religion/UPEVIL/OFF" era.

Patrick Codenys (along with Jean-Luc and Richard) was often the inspiration, or at least the subject/participant, in the image.
Once again, if I am not mistaken, we see him again as the "swimmer" in Never Stop! and Tyranny...


V1.2 Detail (rotated)

V1.2 Detail

V1.2 Detail

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