Wednesday, September 29, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Sputnet 2000

Here we have a shirt that can still be seen on the Transmission 242 shop at ) known as the "Sputnet" shirt. This particular shirt was obtained on the "Compact Tour" in 2000. It has the same design as the one sold on the site, but I think the shop shirt lacks the tour dates on the reverse.
I also have a long-sleeved version which is identical in all regards.

The "Compact Tour" was a short series of shows that followed on the heels of the "Re:Boot Tour", virtually identical as far as the material presented.

Does anyone understand what the characters on the shirt exactly are? I have tried looking at the negative space, etc. and am unable to make them out, if they are letters at all! Comments welcomed and appreciated!

Sputnet T-Shirt Front
Sputnet Front Detail

Sputnet T-Shirt Back

Sputnet Back Detail

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