Wednesday, September 8, 2010

12 Days of A Selective Retaliation: V1.4

Richard 23 has always been a big part of the energy that is Front 242. From his dynamic hi-energy dance on stage, the way he works a crowd, to his vocal performances that so effectively complement Jean-Luc De Meyer's voice, especially on stand-out tracks like "Headhunter" "Tragedy For You" "Melt" and "Aggressiva" ...R23 has come such a long way from his early days as a "roadie" to his solo and side projects like Revolting Cocks, Holy Gang, and La Tchak among others....
Richard always seems to be the "life of the party" and never the one to turn down a good time. But he never lets that stand in his way, even at one time running for political office! He of course has my vote!
Today his energy and enthusiasm continues to astound and apparently has no limits!

Print V1.4 presents the mohawked Richard 23 aka Richard JK aka Richard Jonckheere, complete with his trademarked "snarl"...


V1.4 Detail (rotated)

V1.4 Detail

V1.4 Detail

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  1. Richard is the synonym of energy ! Always ready to party after the shows and always receptive to meet the fans.