Saturday, September 18, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Live Target

Perhaps the most popular and most available of the many Front 242 bootlegs, "Live Target" is without a doubt one of, if not THE, best Front 242 bootlegs. In terms of quality of the package, quality of sound, and overall design, it is unrivaled.

Originally produced on the Italian label "Guzzi" with the catalogue label number "Guzzi 888", "Live Target", now has the status of "semi-official" release.
Here is how it is described in Transzine 004, the quarterly Transmission 242 AMS Magazine, December, 1992:

"Live-Target" is the title of the Europe-wide limited edition of 5000 CDs which will be made available in an effort to stop the flood of low-quality Front 242 bootlegs on the market.
"Live-Target" is an Italian-made bootleg culled from Front 242's "Front By Front" and "Tyranny >For You<" tour and seized by Italian police in a raid on an illegal CD factory in Sicily. The Italian publisher of Play It Again Sam Records, Front 242's label, laid claim to the stock but were prevented from destroying the consignment by the band themselves who, impressed by the high quality of both recording and packaging, decided to allow the sell-off of the confiscated stock. Hence the semi-official release, sure to become a collectors item!"

Live Target was offered in the Transzine catalogue with a listed price of 695 BEF, and $25 US.

Standout tracks include Rhythm of Time, Gripped By Fear, Never Stop, and Punish Your Machine. The last track "Intro + Circling Overland" seems a bit out of place coming at the end of the CD, but what else could one do? "Circling Overland" was the intro to the "Front By Front" shows, with "Rhythm of Time" obviously being the start of the "Tyranny" shows...actually a good way to contrast how each tours shows began.

Honestly, the entire CD is most excellent! I actually prefer it to the "official" live release "Live Code". From the design of the liner notes/inserts, to the screen printing on the CD, everything about this presentation is superb...

Today it can be had a little more often, as most hard-core collectors have it in their possession. Expect to pay from $50-75, $25 if you are lucky!

Live Target Jewel Case Insert Front

LIve Target Jewel Case Insert Back

Live Target Jewel Case Liner Notes

Live Target CD Tray Liner

Live Target Disc


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  2. I too have heard the 1000-only number as well. the 5000 number comes from the Transzine newsletter itself, so who is to say? I also will try to ask Patrick as well...
    I loved Isolation Tank! In fact, I still have one of their old catalogues...good stuff!

  3. Live Target is better than Live Code. Nice to hear "Soul Manager" live.