Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Record of the Week: Mixed By Fear 12" Promo

Here is the perfect example of when Front 242 design meets function. Continuing an examination of "Mixed By Fear", here is the 12" promo designated FRNT 12.
This 12" makes excellent usage of the "Tyranny Symbol" of Earth as a cut out in the sleeve, with the  black & white Front 242 logo and symbols making for a very effective visual design. The back of the sleeve repeats the "Tyranny Symbols" in contrast, with FRNT 12 and RRE information at the bottom.

Side A features "Gripped By Fear-Club Mix #02" with running time of 5:05
Side B features: "This World Must Be Destroyed"

  1. DSM01  4:25
  2. DSM02  2:12
  3. DSM03  1:55
  4. DSM04  3:37
This one can be found fairly easily and expect to pay between 25-50 Euro, depending on condition. Especially important would be the condition of the outer sleeve.

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" front

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" reverse

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" detail

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" detail

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" Disc Detail Side B

Mixed By Fear Promo 12" Disc Detail Side A


  1. Nice 242 design era ! It's a pity that today the band doesn't have a markable visual as they had those years.

  2. Interesting that the each side of the record has different speeds. I wonder how many misplays that caused?