Monday, September 27, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Russian MP3 CD collection

Here you have an entire output of Front 242 material in one serving. This Russian bootleg contains 13 albums of 242 material in MP3 format, encoded at 128 kbps, designed to play on PC computers or MP3 players.
The "label" is  Домашняя Коллекция and according to Discogs, this stands for "Home Collection" or "Home Coll". Here is a link for more info:Домашняя+Коллекция

...obviously this is pirated material. Supposedly this disc may also contain additional material such as pictures or lyrics. Personally I have never actually played it! I simply added it to my collection as I came across it.

The picture sleeve features 3/4th of the band, poor J-L being the notable omission! The CD liner shows artwork for the releases contained therein. (If anyone is able to translate the Russian text on the CD, it would be most valuable!) The disc itself is quite generic.

Regarding value, I occasionally see this offered on ebay, but most of the time they are quickly removed. I cannot speak as to their availability in the European markets.

Russian Front 242 MP3 Bootleg

CD Liner



  1. Hi!
    Here is some translation.
    "Home Collection"
    "Studio and live albums collection 1982 - 1999"
    "13 albums in new sound format"
    "Also you can find on disc:
    - songs texts
    - slides
    - WinAmp 2.61 and Advanced Musical Player 3.1, which make disc listening more comfortable"
    "Home Collection c 2000"
    "Congratulations with lucky buy! For technical support and news write to We invite audio CD collectors to co-operation!"

    p.s. This bootleg mp3 disc is no so interesting as that 6 bootleg mp3 discs from "Home Collection" released in 2003 -
    FRONT 242 CD1 1982-1987 /Домашняя коллекция/
    FRONT 242 CD2 1987-1991 /Домашняя коллекция/
    FRONT 242 CD3 1991-1993 /Домашняя коллекция/
    FRONT 242 CD4 1993-1995 /Домашняя коллекция/
    FRONT 242 CD5 1997-2003 /Домашняя коллекция/
    FRONT 242 CD6 1992-2000 Projects /Домашняя коллекция/.

    And today you can find it in some places in Moscow.

    Best Regards
    Moscow, Russia

  2. Fantastic! Thanks for the info! Do you have scans or more information where the other CDs can be obtained?

  3. Hi!
    I have #1, #3 and #6. You can write to me directly to and I`ll send to You theirs scans.

    Best Regards
    Moscow, Russia