Friday, September 24, 2010

Record of the Week: FRNT 2 Never Stop! Promo

Following up on its success with the Headhunter single and FRONT X FRONT album, Front 242 issued the EP Never Stop! This promo preceded that release.

FRNT 2 is actually a European promo issued on Red Rhino Records, but a number of them were imported to the US for Wax Trax!, so much so that this promo did appear on the Billboard Hot Club Play Charts.

Side A features "Never Stop! (V1.1) with Side B featuring the club-friendly "First In/First Out"

An interesting story behind the creation and meaning of the track "First In/First Out", from an interview in Alternative Press, November 1988:
"Take for example the very house-ish "First In/First Out" standard with simplified M/A/R/R/S vocals and funk beats galore. 'We did that song on purpose,' Richard pauses before trying to explain what happened. 'Basically, we did it because the bass line sounds funny. Daniel came up with that base line and when I heard it I said, 'It sounds like house music.' I mean, honestly, it's funny because there was no purpose behind that. Just the fact that it happened. We don't really want to do house music. We just kept the bass line and worked on it so you really don't have a house track, it's something funny. That's why we call it "First In/First Out" because it's the first time we did that kind of shit and it's the last time as well."

Despite this DJ Promo being limited to 1000 copies, promo record FRNT 2 seems fairly easy to come by these days.  In collecting this single, be sure to obtain the photocopied insert, at least with the ones promoted by Wax Trax! records. Also a must is the condition of the picture sleeve itself. I have seen these offered without the FRNT 2 sleeve. Depending on condition, this one is easily had in the $10.00 - $25.00 range.



FRNT 2 Side A

FRNT 2 Side B

FRNT 2 Photocopied Insert

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