Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Poster of the Week: Mixed By Fear

Here we have another beautiful Front 242 poster that makes effective use of the "Tyranny" symbols. This is a poster for "Mixed By Fear". It is quite large, measuring 25 inches X 35 inches, and is on glossy paper stock.

The central "Tyranny" symbol being Earth; it is surrounded by a sea of brilliant blues and excellent use of the 242 logo. Several pictures from the Mixed By Fear photo sessions flank the bottom. My only criticism of this poster is the quality of those pictures. They are very grainy and poor, and therefore I feel that this is likely another bootleg poster! In the far right corner it states "Printed In Great Britain."

Bootleg poster or not, it is still quite striking and will someday adorn my walls once framed properly!

Mixed By Fear Poster

Mixed By Fear Detail


  1. Nice poster ! Do you have enough room walls to hang them ? :-D
    My posters are all rolled waiting for a wall...

  2. Indeed! Lack of space is an issue. All mine are rolled as well, but I'm unrolling them as I post them and putting them in portfolios.