Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Poster of the Week: Headhunter 2000

Following the success of 1998's "Re:Boot", Front 242 continued their "updated and modernized" sound with the re-release of their EBM classic "Headhunter." However, this time, it was remixed in tribute by those who followed the "forefathers of electronic body music."
"Headhunter 2000" was released in Europe and stateside in a variety of collectible formats (all of which will eventually be featured here!).
In the United States, "Headhunter 2000" was released on Metropolis Records and this is an in-store flyer/poster promoting the release.
The poster measures 11 inches X 17 inches on glossy paper. The artwork is in brilliant purples, yellows and black, but recycles heavily from the Re:Boot artwork and poster campaign. In the background are the words "17 Remixer" (supposed to be 17 Remixers??)  "Re-Engineer" "A Dance Floor Great". In the corner is Richard 23 and Patrick, the same image as in the Re:Boot promo poster, and above is Jean-Luc in colorful Andy Warhol-style, beneath the title!

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