Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Record of the Week: Headhunter 7" and Test Pressing

Up next is the 7" (45 RPM) version of Headhunter. This was the first cut from the album "FRONT X FRONT" and was issued in various formats (I will spotlight the 12", CD single, and cassettes in future posts).

Here we have both the European release on RRE records and the stateside release on WaxTrax! Records. Both versions are virtually identical except for minor variations on the sleeve (the WaxTrax! logo in place of the RRE logo and the RRE version is adapted to play on a "skinny" turntable.) The RRE release is catalogued RRE 6. The WaxTrax! single is catalogue # WAX 0537. Side A features "Headhunter (V2.0)" with Side B as "Welcome To Paradise (V2.0)"

Finally an "Elpeco Test Pressing" from Belgium of the 7". It is in a plain white sleeve with a 242 logo sticker, which probably was not original with the test pressing.

The 7" is a beautiful way to collect this as artwork, as it has a pleasing aesthetic design and is very striking. The singles can be had fairly easily and cheaply, but the test pressing is rather hard to come by. I think I may have paid between $50-$100.

Headhunter 7" RRE Front Sleeve

Headhunter 7" RRE Back Sleeve

Headhunter 7" RRE Side A

Headhunter 7" RRE Side B

Headhunter 7" WaxTrax! Front sleeve

Headhunter 7" WaxTrax! Back Sleeve

Headhunter 7" WaxTrax! Side A

Headhunter 7" WaxTrax! Side B

Headhunter 7" Test Pressing Generic Sleeve

Headhunter 7" Test Pressing Side A

Headhunter 7" Test Pressing Side B


  1. There's a swedish licensed 7" pressing on MNW (12" too BTW).

    Same as the others when it comes to the tracks, but quite rare since most 242 stuff are imports here in Scandinavia.

  2. Wow ! Very rare this test pressing. $50-$100 is a good value if you think that Headhunter is the most successful track from 242 !

  3. Wow! I was totally unaware of any Swedish pressings! I also see a Swedish Interception, so it looks like I might be adding to the collection! Thanks for the tip!!! :)

    I thought there might be the chance for some Brazilian pressings, as there are on other 242 items? But I haven't seen any of those. Comments always welcomed!

  4. I have never seen any test pressing here in Brazil. "Official Version" and "Tyranny For You" vinyls were sold here by a label called Stiletto in the 90s. Probably there was a test pressing. If someone has this pressing, probably is Evil E. (he has almost everything from the band, like you !)