Monday, August 9, 2010

Poster of the Week: 242 Catalogue

With 242 signing with a "major label", not only did it bring the new album "Tyranny >For You<" but also the re-release of the Front 242 Back Catalogue, complete with new artwork and new packaging (all of which will eventually be featured here). This poster for in-store display features these back catalogue releases and the video Integration 8 X 10. The poster itself has the computerized "gray sea" background with the spotlighted colored spheres of each album. It measures 35 inches X 23.5 inches on glossy paper (hence the light reflection with my camera...sorry!)

 These designs would feature prominently in the Art & Strategy works as well. One can see the influence of computer graphics on the creation of 242 album artwork and designs, and this would culminate further with the UP EVIL, OFF, and Pulse albums.

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  1. Beautiful poster ! Nice graphics. I'm wondering if Patrick or Daniel would release something as "Art & Strategy" again. I have a copy of "Art & Strategy" cd. Very ambient !