Thursday, August 5, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: Digital Culture Stream CD-ROM

Up next is a rarity that a lot of Front 242 fans may not be aware of. "Digital Culture Steam" was a short-lived CD-ROM audio/video music and pop culture magazine. Volume 2 from 1995 features a great history of Wax Trax! Records and spotlights numerous Wax Trax! bands, including Front 242. The highlight is a phone interview with Richard 23 speaking a little bit about Wax Trax!, the state of "industrial music", a bit about Front 242, and his then-current project "Holy Gang." The interview is framed by a great montage of the Tyranny symbols, with Headhunter playing in the background. Other bands featured included the Lords of Acid, 808 State, Massive Attack, Pet Shop Boys and many others. There are nice write ups about Revolting Cocks and Ministry as well.

I now have a hard time playing this CD-ROM flash-forward to 2010. It won't play on my Mac at all (no longer supports the classic Quicktime environment) and I have searched long and hard to find a way to rip the files. I finally resorted to a screen capture video, which I am posting to YouTube. It is interesting to hear Richard on the phone. You can hear the interviewer occasionally do a "uh-uh" and you can hear the phone ringing in the background. Warning: the flashing Tyranny symbols can mimic a strobe effect, so don't watch if you are prone to seizures!
At the time, this retailed for $19.95 and I purchased this in a Borders Book and Music Store. I seldom see it offered today.

Check out for a link to the YouTube video demonstration. (if broken let me know!)or try this: 0317DC7.NETSOLHOST.COM

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