Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poster of the Week: Re:Boot 98 Tour (Charlotte, NC)

Up next is a poster that was seen throughout the Re:Boot 98 Tour. Coming off the release of the live, "Re:Booted" 242 sound, Front 242 extensively toured, many times playing back-to-back shows as they traveled across the US.
I personally obtained this poster after the show at the Tremont Music Hall in Charlotte, North Carolina on August 8, 1998.

This is probably the only place where I can tell one of my "242 stories", so indulge me:
As a "wedding present", my fiance Samantha treated me with tickets to the 242 show in Atlanta, Georgia on August 7. We made a trek of about 366 miles to see the band! The show in Atlanta was fantastic as it had been several years since I had seen them live. After the show we hung out at the Masquerade club and Richard was hanging out from a balcony. Well my beautiful future-wife begins flirting with him and he gets us back into the club and we get autograph and photo ops with Richard, Jean-Luc (ever the shy one!), and Patrick. Richard then invites us to the "after party" which, for him, happens to be at the Gold Club, a notorious strip-joint in Atlanta. How could we say no!? So we hang with Richard and crew at a strip club until the wee hours of the morning... my fiance taking it all in, chatting with the strippers and having the time of her life! Richard invites us to the next show in Charlotte, North Carolina later that day. We crash in a hotel at around 4 a.m. for a few hours and then make the 258 mile trek to Charlotte! The Charlotte show was even better, probably because we got to hang with the band and be on the guest list. I remember the new Re:Booted version of Funkadafi being played and Richard and Patrick were very friendly and inviting,  and we have struck up a friendship since! Of course I have my beautiful wife of now 11+ years to thank...and she never lets me forget it! (We then had to make a non-stop trip of almost 700+ miles back home!)

The poster itself measures 27" X 17" inches and is on a glossy stock. It features brilliant pinks, purples and blacks with artwork from the CD. This poster obviously has the concert date hand written at the bottom.
This is a great souvenir from that adventure and so I count it as "priceless!"


  1. Haha, that is a really cool anecdote!! I am curious about your wife now though... :p

    Do you by chance know where I can find a re:boot version of Funkadafi?


  2. Thanks!
    My wife is even more beautiful now than ever and she *tolerates* my 242 "hobby!"

    I have a bootleg of the Chicago Compact Tour that I recorded. It has Funkadafi on it but I will check the quality and get back to you on that!

  3. Thanks, that's awesome!!!

  4. Really nice story, target ! Nice wedding gift !
    Nice to see Front 242 touring with Project Pitchfork. I like them a lot too !
    I think it exists a Re:boot version with Funkadafi on it as a extra track, or I'm wrong ?

  5. Just saw that the extra track on some Re:boot album was "Motion". Funkadafi live on Re:boot tour is still a raritie. :-D

  6. @ Charles:

    Until this post I didn't even know there was a Funkadafi Re:boot version!

    If I remember correctly, there were 13-, 14- & 15-track versions of the Re:boot live album.

    'Motion' is imho not really an outstanding track, but be sure to pick up a version with 'Punish your Machine' on it. It is Front 242 at their best: energetic, raw and ass-kicking :)

  7. I will eventually get around to posting all the various Re:Boot discs. There are several different versions out there, some with one or more bonus tracks. Funkadafi and Animal both were "Re:Booted" during live shows. I'm working on my target242.com site and I will try to host some mp3 versions when/if I find them. It may take a little bit, but I will EVENTUALLY get them up there for you to download!

  8. Target 242, that is awesome!!! So you are working on your own site... Take your time, we'll be waiting very patiently :)

    There are few websites about Front 242. I remember Evil E's website being very informative, but that site is down for quite some time now. The German Red Team is now my only reference if I need some info, but that site hasn't been updated for years.

    A year ago or so the ning-website thingy didn't really take off. http://front242.ning.com/
    Unfortunately, I am 25 and I have very little rare stuff/items to contribute since I wasn't around at that time. Go figure, I only became aware of Front 242 thanks to the Geography release on Alfa Matrix :)

    So it's very nice to read more about Front 242 on your blog!

  9. Thank you! Although I feel kinda old! I discovered 242 with Official Version...

    I uploaded a Re:Boot version of Funkadafi to:
    This comes from a video I shot of the concert on Hi-8 which I then digitized to DVD and ripped the audio. Someday I will eventually post the video and the rest of the audio. Hopefully the link works by now...
    Quality: decent I think...

  10. Thanks for uploading Target242!!!!!

    It is great to hear that re:boot version of Funkadafi! I also downloaded those 3 tracks from the Body Beats Bootleg, but unfortunately I cannot help you there with the translation...

    But thanks again!! A great beginning of the weekend :)