Sunday, August 22, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: 242 "Clock"

Up next is a variation on a previous Front 242 shirt. I call this the "242 Clock" (perhaps there is an official name?). The artwork itself can be found on the liner notes of the CD release of FRONT X FRONT, along with the "Moment of Terror..." quote.
I do believe that this is actually a bootleg shirt. I do not remember it being available for sale in the Transmission catalogue and there is not information linking this as an actual tour shirt, but I could be mistaken. Can anyone confirm this?

The shirt only has a front image, but it is quite striking in red and white. When wearing, people often ask me..."Front?...where's the Back?" Some people don't get it I guess...

"242 Clock" Detail


  1. I'm fairly sure this is a bootleg shirt. I've owned two of them, both of which I bought from stores that largely sell bootleg shirts.

  2. I have never saw this shirt. Now a new category : T-Shirts bootlegs ! :-D