Monday, August 2, 2010

Compilation of the Week: I.D. This!

Up next is a promotional item from Sony Records (Canada). "I.D. This!" is an 18-track compilation issued to promote staying in school. It features Sony's roster of artists at the time, including Front 242. "Can School Make A Big Difference In Your Life?" Apparently, for Sony, this CD might just be the thing to keep you out of trouble! Although with some of the tracks and artists represented (Cypress Hill!), I'm not so sure these are the best examples for studious behavior! I guess Front's track "Religion" should inspire pious thoughts, no? (Perhaps the execs at Sony never fully appreciated the title of the 242 album "06:21:03:11 UP EVIL" , I guess!)

The catalogue number for this little gem is CDNK 870. The liner note artwork has some of that graffiti that we know those high school drop-outs all do, right?
The disc art features...? (He looks like one of the Pet Shop Boys to me. Maybe you know who he is?)
The liner notes give an inspiring message in English and French, as well as a toll free number to call maybe for facts about your future!? Just for kicks I have tried calling it...all I get is an answering machine for a sales company!

The track list is as follows:

  1. Junkhouse:  Out Of My Head
  2. His Boy Elroy:  Fade To Black
  3. Hollyfaith:  Whatsamatta
  4. Cypress Hill:  Insane In The Brain
  5. Eve's Plum:  Die Like Someone
  6. Fishbone:  Swim
  7. Bad Brains:  Miss Freedom
  8. Jamiroquai:  When You Gonna Learn
  9. Funkdoobiest:  The Funkiest
  10. The Boo Radleys:  Lazarus
  11. Mercury Rev:  Bronx Cheer
  12. Manic Street Preachers:  Scream To A Sigh
  13. Onyx:  Throw Ya Gunz
  14. Front 242:  Religion
  15. Sun 60:  Mary Xmess
  16. New Model Army:  Living In The Rose
  17. Cathedral:  Midnight Mountain
  18. Ren & Stimpy:  Kilted Yaksmen Anthem
I haven't seen this CD offered anywhere, although I can't imagine it is all that scarce. I guess any CD featuring Front 242 and Ren & Stimpy is priceless (although I have future compilations from Sony that do just that!)


  1. Very "eclectic" compilation ! I can imagine the face of the person who wants to hear Jamiroquai and found tracks like "Religion"... :-D
    And no, it's not a Pet Shop Boy printed on the CD. It really looks like Chris Lowe on it, but I can assure isn't he !
    Thanks for sharing this raritie !

  2. haha... I actually (along with at least 2 of my friends) owned this compilation and listened to it a lot... the front 242 song on it stuck out in my head even though i had never heard of them before and oddly enough the comp had a kinda flow to it when you listened to it. I'm sure my brain suffered though.

  3. does anyone know of any sampler cd repositories online? I really miss that mix lol.