Thursday, August 26, 2010

Record of the Week: Quite Unusual 7" + Test Pressing

Here we have a beautiful picture sleeve of the 7" single "Quite Unusual" with the reverse being "Agressiva". This was released as a 12" maxi on vinyl and later CD as "Interception", with longer tracks and different coloured artwork.

This particular 7" is on RRE Records and has the catalogue number RRE 3. Side A is "Quite Unusual" running at 3'40". Side AA is "Agressiva" with a time of 3'59". Both cuts are from the album "Official Version."

The sleeve is beautiful...certainly suitable for framing!  Contrast the orange-ish hues here with the distinct blue tones of the 12" "Interception" sleeve. (This artwork is also featured on a bootleg T-Shirt that I will post someday).

Also following is a test pressing, similar to the one seen with the "Headhunter" 7" (See Record of the Week: Headhunter 7"). I obtained it on the secondary market and it came with the generic sleeve with handwritten notes. Interesting enough, etched in the margins of this Test Pressing and the regular release are "RRE 3" and "DR TRAUMSTEIN" on Side A(A) and "RRE 3" and "BACK TO BODY" on Side B(AA). I have no clue what that means...perhaps you do?

Front Sleeve

Reverse Sleeve
Side A

Side AA

Generic Test Pressing Sleeve

Test Pressing Side A

Test Pressing Side B


  1. Really nice cover ! I think it became a poster, am I right ?

  2. I didn't realize it, but there is also a version released on the Animalized label! Looks like I will be adding another version to my collection...