Monday, August 30, 2010

Compilation of the Week: Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 1

Here we have another unusual promotional sampler featuring a more "obscure" Front 242 track, or at least once again, not the typical 242 track often featured on promos or samplers.

"Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 1" is a sampler of the artists on the Play It Again Sam label, for which Les Editions Confidentielles publishes the music. It dates from 1993 and has the label number LEC VOL.1.

According to the liner notes:
"Welcome to the wonderful world of LEC Music Publishing. This introductory sampler has been compiled to introduce you to the myriad of musical genres within our catalogue. During the last year we have had our artists music featured in several major movies, as well as supplying music for several commercials. What ever your musical requirements our writers can fulfill your needs..." A contact address is then provided.

The Front 242 track featured is "D.S.M. 01" taken from the "Mixed By Fear" CD. It clocks in at 4:27. Although this is speculation on my part, I suspect this track was featured to spotlight its potential as soundtrack music for a movie or television spot. The title itself "Dancefloor Soundtrack Music" also is a giveaway. It was about this time that Rhythm of Time was featured in the movie Single White Female and Moldavia in the K2 trailer...

The track list is as follows:

  1. Meat Beat Manifesto:  "Original Control V.2"
  2. Front 242:  "D.S.M. 01"
  3. Chris and Cosey:  "Apocalypso"
  4. The Weathermen:  "Around Europe"
  5. Fracture:  "Threat Assessment"
  6. Sequencial:  "The Holy Inner Mind"
  7. Bebo Baldan:  "Strange Passion"
  8. Trisomie 21:  "Long Rider"
  9. Borghesia:  "Never Trust A Soldier"
  10. The Neon Judgement:  "Are You Real"
  11. The Scab:  "Don't You Know"
  12. Adrian Borland:  "Flight 23"
  13. Paranoiacs:  "Teenage Zombie Rampage"
  14. La Muerte:  "Black God White Devil"
  15. The Absolute Lovers:  "Repetition"
  16. Marian:  "Dancin Acoustic Version"
Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 1  Digipack Front

Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 1 Digipak Back

Les Editions Confidentielles Volume 1 Digipak Liner Notes and Disc

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  1. Weird songs chosen for this compilation. For commercial purposes, the bands were weird too.. ;-)

    Meat Beat Manifesto, Trisomie 21, Neon Judgement and Borghesia. Good suggestions to hear today while I'm working. Retrieving my old MP3s to hear them now.
    Thanks for sharing !