Saturday, August 14, 2010

T-Shirt of the Week: Re:Boot 98 "Jellyfish"

Following the release of Re:Boot, Front 242 extensively toured the US in support of the album. There were several supports at these concerts and numerous T-shirt designs, some of which are still available today. I refer to this shirt as the "Re:Boot Jellyfish" and it is very striking. I obtained this one at the Atlanta show, and I have blogged about my experiences at that concert in a previous post (See Poster of the Week: Re:Boot 98) and I still wear this shirt some today.
(Although my wife calls it "the penis shirt"...if you look at it from afar, I think you get the idea. I am  unsure whether this effect was intentional or not...sometimes 242 enjoy a good laugh and inside joke!)


  1. I had several similar reactions wearing my 'Catch the Men' t-shirt :)

    If you are unaware of Front 242, it indeed might be a little confusing seeing that on a t-shirt from a straight guy...

  2. Right you are! I have never thought about it that way! ...and then you have to explain "Headhunter" and that probably doesn't help either! The lyric "I'm looking for this sell him, to other man...." either speaks of aggression, and a commentary about our consumptive society...or is it covertly about male prostitution?! LOL

  3. Let's not think about that :D

  4. When I bought my 242 shirt, I could choose between this shirt and 242 Helicopter shirt. I chose the helicopter shirt. This jellyfish is a quite strange for re:boot tour.