Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bootleg of the Week: Body Beats

Up next is another frequently seen bootleg: "Body Beats". This one is almost identical to "Parted Tragedy" which was featured last week. Whereas "Parted Tragedy" stated that it featured tracks recorded "Live in Europe 1989-1991" this boot gives the specifics from which they were recorded. In addition, there are some interesting DJ interfades from the radio show in which these tracks were presented, although I find it remarkable that "Fucking Alive" lyrics from Slo-Mo would get past censors on the radio (perhaps European radio is more liberal?). I will post the tracks with the DJ interfades/comments on if anyone can translate them! Body Beats also has the "Welcome to Headhunter" medley as a "hidden" 16th track.

The artwork for this bootleg is pretty plain. The cover features a (likely xeroxed) black & white photo lifted from the album Tyranny >For You<. The disc itself, imho, is the least attractive of the more common 242 bootlegs. There is no label number here, but "No Suffering X" is listed in the margin of the CD itself. It's not the most common 242 bootleg, but it likely can be had in the $25-$50.00 range.

The track list is as follows:
February 1989, Live Rehearsal from Belgium
1.  No Shuffle  3:52
2.  Hadhunter  5:02

3/15/1991  Radioshow, Karen, Goeteborg, Sweden
3.  [Swedish DJ Interfade] This World Must Be Destroyed  6:13
4.  Moldavia  6:45
5.  Im Rhythmus Bleiben  3:32  [Swedish DJ Interfade 1:09]
6.  Slo-Mo  4:29
7.  Gripped By Fear  4:41 [Swedish DJ Interfade  0:26]
8.  First In First Out  2:28

3/25/1991  Radio Show, Germany
9.  Welcome To Paradise  3:46
10.  Masterhit  4:57
11.  Soul Manager  4:28
12.  W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G. & U-Men Medley  5:05

3/25/1991  Stadthalle, Offenbach, Germany
13.  Tragedy For You  5:20

3/16/1991  Fryshuset, Stockholm, Sweden
14.  Take One  4:34
15.  Sacrifice  4:25

16.  Welcome To Headhunter Medley


  1. Thanks for sharing this, as well as for those 3 tracks on your website!

    I was about to write a long entry about the differences in set lists with another bootleg I have, but it then suddenly occurred to me that the recording I had was from another tour...
    The recording 'Brussels 3/11/1989' was mislabelled as 'Brussels 3/11/1991' so of course the differences were striking :)

    So do you perhaps know where I can find a list with all the past dates of all the gigs Front 242 had? I've been looking for that for ages, but it seems impossible to find...


  2. Julien has a great site that has all the tour dates (up to the Re:Boot Tour)
    Its under the Archive section:

  3. Courtesy of Jesper, here are the translations (with his comments) of the DJ Interfades regarding 242. Thanks!!!!
    I copied his email entirely, as I totally agree with his opinions!!!

    here's the translation of the swedish in the clips:

    From top to bottom:

    "And live tonight, Front 242 from Belgium in a recording done about a month ago, here at Kåren in Gothenburg. Bertil Karlsson was the recording technician. A very visual thing as always the case when Front 242 is around. Unfortunately you cannot _see_ the fantastic scene fireworks that was launched but I think there's a lot in the music here too. We'll start with three tracks in a row, where they kick off in highest gear directly, the belgians Front 242..."
    (followed by the track listing. I know, it sounds stupid, even in english. It's not much better in swedish, trust me. :) )

    "'Im Rythmus Bleiben', maybe a favourite track among the large, enthusiastic and "snedluggade" (not really translatable, but means: equipped with long and side-combed bangs) audience that attended this concert. Maybe a favourite 'cause they persisted in calling the band 'Front Zwei-Vier-Zwei', in german that is, despite the fact that the band are from Belgium and their mother tongue is french. Anyway, such are some things in life... Patrick and Jean-Luc are the two singers (I know - wrong!) in Front 242, from Belgium that is, who's latest album "Tyrrany For You", haven't had a total success on the hit lists around the world. You could say that the reactions have been diverse and double. People have said that 'where have this band gone, there's no tension nor danger anymore'. And yes... there's talk, for example in the latest issue of 'Melody Maker', they say that this sounds like an ordinary rock act. I think that's wrong and I consider some of the tracks at this concert classic impressionism and with longer instrumental parts in minor that was very effectful. Two slower tracks now; 'Slomo' and 'Gripped By Fear'."
    (what a pretentious geek that guy is!)

    "'Gripped By Fear', Front 242's latest single in fact. Performed live at Kåren in Gothenburg by the band, recorded by, as mentioned, ultrasound technician Bertil Karlsson. Front 242, they play on extreme emotional strings: hate, rage and whatever might be. But there's 'good time music' with them too, there's dance feelings, like here, in 'First In/Out'"
    (me and my girl friend was laughing our hears out at these lousy comments while I translated this)

    Enjoy! :D

    electronically yours, jesper

    - -- --- ---- ----- ---- --- -- -

  4. Regarding the "Fucking alive" lyrics:
    There is no censorship on swedish radio at all. The Lily Allen tune "Fuck you" was for example played alot some time ago.
    And the radio people say and do whatever they want, and sometimes they get sued for inappropriate behaviour (or something like that).

  5. The only thing public service care about are the ban of commercials. So if you happen to utter a brand, the hosts always add "there are many other brands too...". Annoying indeed.
    BTW, I've always considered the show "P3 Live" a good one and the hosts are mostly OK. AND... they've transmitted many good shows over the years. I've "taped" quite a few too. :)