Thursday, August 19, 2010

Memorabilia of the Week: 242 Flag

Along with the 242 Armband (see earlier post), the 242 Flag is one of the "Holy Grails" for Front 242 Collectors...and so it should! The 242 Flag is stunning! Available in the 242 Propaganda Unit catalogue, the Front 242 flag sold for 70 BF in Belgium, 90 BF in Europe, and 110 BF for other countries (+ postage).

The flag is very large! It measures 36 inches X 55 inches and is made of sturdy nylon material. The image is classic 242: The Official Warfare Helicopter and Russian typography, which can still be seen and purchased on 242 shirts from Transmission today. The end of the flag has metal rings by which you could fly it proudly.

This particular flag has 3 of the 4 band member signatures, including the elusive Daniel B. who signed it upside down!
I obtained this flag second-hand and I cannot reveal just how much I paid for it! This particular flag, with signatures, I would consider "priceless", but I would not be shocked to see the 242 flag, when and if they ever come up for sale or auction, to be sold for upwards of $200-$500!


  1. It _is_ stunning. :)

    I sold my flag about a year ago and got just above 200 USD for it. Mine wasn't autographed and it was somewhat faded in the colours after a machine wash it really needed after having spent years tucked away among my brothers possessions in attics and sheds (he's moved a lot).

    Many friends on the PIAS-Antler list at yahoogroups thought I should use it on "EBM day" (30th of August) but I decided to sell instead. :)

  2. It is indeed another treasure!! Weren't there only about 60 made? I recall that figure, but I couldn't retrieve it...

    I thought EBM Day was on February 24th...

  3. I have one of these flags. And I can confirm, that the black colour is fading a bit (it's more a dark grey now). But still, it's a treasure I own. :)

    Well, 1.000 bucks and it is yours. ;)

  4. VERY.

    Nice. Nice. Nice.


  5. The Flag actually was priced at 950 FB per the 242 Propaganda Unit in 1987. The prices listed as part of this blog are only the shipping costs of the flag to those countries/areas.

    950 Belgian Francs in 1987 = $25.00 USD in 1987

  6. The band played yesterday in Stockholm, Sweden. I got my flag signed by Daniel B. who for some reason chose to sign it on one of the black numbers. The pen used was a black marker, so the autograph is hardly visible. Anyway, I showed my flag for the guys at the merch table, and they told me that there were only one hundred copies made!