Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Record of the Week: Tragedy >For You< Two CD Single & 12"

Continuing the theme from last week, in addition to releasing the track "Tragedy >For You<" as a CD single, RRE also released the extended cuts as "Tragedy >For You< Two". (These tracks were combined on the US release of "Tragedy >For You<" except for the cut, Trigger 3, which does not appear on the US version.) This CD was released in a slimline jewel case with gorgeous ice-blue and silver colours. The catalogue number is RRE R CD10, with the UPC number 5 413356 501094. The CD contains 3 songs:
  1. Tragedy >For You< Neurodancer    6' 56"
  2. Tragedy >For You< Instrumental     4' 49"
  3. Trigger 3   5' 03"
Of course, "Trigger 2 (Anatomy of a Shot)" appears on the album Tyranny >For You< and "Trigger 1" is one of the "hidden" bonus tracks at the end of the CD version of the album.
The front of the sleeve shows the "ice-blue" swimmer and the back features the Tyranny symbols. The disc continues the blue theme, with some magenta highlights and features the "Man/Mankind" Tyranny symbol.

This disc is still fairly easy to obtain. It was not released as a 7" or Cassette single. It was released as a 12" and I will go ahead and include it here as well.

The 12" single really is the way to collect this release as a work of art. It is beautiful and would look spectacular framed! It has the catalogue number RRE R 10
Side A features Tragedy >For You< Neurodancer
Side B1 features Trigger 3
Side B2 features Tragedy >For You< Instrumental

Since this was released on vinyl, I would expect test pressings to exist, but I have NEVER seen one (Countless ones exist for the regular Tragedy >For You< 12"). If you are aware of the existence of a Tragedy >For You< Two test pressing, or better yet own one and want to sell... let me know!!!


  1. I don't have a TFY test pressing, but I do have a Rhythm of Time test pressing that has a totally exclusive alternate instrumental remix on it. If I can find a scanner to scan the label in, I will send it to you.

  2. @ Target242: you might be looking for this one:


    I don't have it, unfortunately.

  3. Gert-Jan: thanks for the tip! I had never seen any promo for Tragedy >For You< Two.... is that a promo or a test pressing?

  4. On a second thought: I think it is a promo, and not a test pressing...